Magic Mirror is a new Norwegian pop band, known for both their melodic and entrancing tunes, as for their raw improvisational energy. They play hypnotic, warm pop-music with sparkling synths, twirling drums and laid back vocals with slight nods to bands such as Broadcast, Yo La Tengo and The Flaming Lips. Magic Mirror embraces introvercy and the melancholic, as well as diving into eclectic improvisations and exploration of sound, with reference to No Wave and german krautrock.

“Spring” is the new single by the new Norwegian pop band, Magic Mirror. The lyrics are about longing for warmer, brighter days, and the confusion and apathy that the nordic winter can bring. The song starts out with swirling synthesizers and jangly guitars, that slowly transforms into a fuzzy and melodic tune with references to 90s pop bands such as The Flaming Lips. The song was recorded and produced by the Magic Mirror themselves in a living room in Trondheim.