samu - show me love (DC#126)

After playing concerts at Parkteateret, KlubbØya and Trondheim Calling, and being recommended by NRK P3 Urørt, samū is finally releasing their first single «Show Me Love» on Diamond Club. They draw a lot of inspiration from the 20th century, with samples spanning from the ’60s folk of Simon & Garfunkel, the ’70s soft rock of Fleetwood Mac, the ’80s synth-pop of Kate Bush and the ’90s experimentalism of Björk. All washed down with that easy-evening, ‘Waterloo Sunset’, laid-back chill of The Kinks.

The contours of «Show Me Love» was first spottet in the big and chaotic library of ideas contained in Trines phone. In true garage spirit, the band co-wrote and recorded the song themselves in their small rehersal space. «Show Me Love» starts off in a warm, unsuspecting soundscape, abruptly broken by Trines soaring opening lines: «What if you came to me and told me this can’t be. Would you explain for me the reason you’re leaving me again». From here a heartbreaking story of love, longing, jealousy and doubt unfolds. The main character cries for confirmation and love, heard in the desperate chorus lyrics: «Show me love, baby, how it is supposed to be». Meanwhile the music, in trademark samū fashion, maintains a laidback lightness, seemingly unaware of the drama. It’s a direct and heartfelt song, sure to push emotional buttons, yet danceable with it’s immediate catchiness.