Catnip cloud - nighttime (DC#128)

«I feel like I'm floating on a cloud and there's all these cute animals flying around me» (Mr. Suicide Sheep/YouTuber) And it’s exactly somewhere between cuteness and madness you’ll find Catnip Cloud’s brilliantly crafted bedroom productions. The Norwegian song writer and producer released his own EP in 2018 was awarded the title of Ukas Urørt by NRK P3. His wide palette of lo-fi instruments, mixed with computer-programed synths, creates an immediately recognizable style that we absolutely love!

Diamond Club is releasing Norwegian song writer and producer Catnip Cloud’s most high energy track yet, Nighttime. The lyrics talk about how we humans run away from ourselves in external pleasures. And how we might avoid slowing down and listening to the silence for a while, because we are ultimately scared of emptiness. «Meditation has showed me that tranquility comes from being here now with whatever that is. Ironically this song is an anthem against that. 

The song is also called Nighttime because it was written during the middle of the night like most of my songs. I always find it so peaceful knowing that everyone is sleeping, while I am awake creating my own little world with music.»