fredrik jullum - young boy (DC#132)

After spending four years in California, Fredrik Jullum has returned to Norway and is now releasing his lively debut single, Young Boy. This is an artist and songwriter to keep an eye out for this summer! Fredrik Jullum is inspired by bands like Alabama shakes, Phoenix and Sundara Karma but brings something new to the pop scene with his personal style. With a collection of song material just waiting to see the light of day, this surely won’t be the last time you’ll hear the name Fredrik Jullum.

Fredrik Jullum’s debut single Young Boy is a flagship to the ones looking to use the world as their canvas, with all the colors of their personality. «It surrounds a lot around the subject of identity and digs into how easy it is to just follow the streams in society. It celebrates the uniqueness we all carry and embraces you to build upon that rather than to suppress it» Fredrik Jullum states. The song is mixed by Cato Salsa and produced by Benjamin Giørtz. With its catchy chorus, hopefully it will make you dance wherever you are, whatever the situation you might be in. 

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