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Ivo lima - Picture (DC#127)

Ivo Lima might just be the artist you have always dreamt of discovering. He's been praised for a standout performance at Bergen's Vill Vill Vest festival in 2018, and has also already played sold out shows in that city. Ivo Lima makes confident, tough pop music, with lyrics that tell stories of mental health, vulnerability and all forms of love. On March 29th, he is finally releasing his long-awaited debut single Picture on Diamond Club.

«I’m picturing you and I'm starting over again, so don’t let me go". Picture tells the story of a frustrated and heartbroken soul, who refuses to accept a break up, and features a trumpet hook you won’t forget. The song is filled with energy and is one listeners will laugh and cry to. Ivo Lima himself says that the best time to listen to music is during the middle of the night, when you're grooving down empty streets. And Picture is the perfect song for doing exactly that.