Marina City - strawberry (DC#5)

"Marina City's music is sexy and sensual, resplendent and vibey. They're indie pop with an R&B twist, evoking the best of Prince, Michael Jackson, and The 1975 without sounding like anyone but themselves. A pulsing rejection of coasting through life." - Atwood Magazine

"Sometimes to move forward you have to burn it all down." This became the motto for Ernie Ball's Band Of The Year; Marina City. The Chicago sextet spent most of 2018 stripping themselves down to the core in order to craft the truest version of the band.

Accidentally meeting super producer Dino Zisis (Lady Gaga) at a rehearsal spot on the north side of Chicago the band and the producer hit it off right away and began working the following week.

"We needed a producer who didn't know anything about us or the scene we came from. We didn't want to ease into anything anymore. It was time to take off the training wheels and jump fully into it”

Their next single working together is a Prince inspired summer anthem called, STRAWBERRY. The kinky single is layered with tongue and cheek lyrics, a tantalizing vocal performance, and gut-busting bass. STRAWBERRY is sure to be one of Marina City's new staples. The single is also the first time Norwegian label, Diamond Club, has released a track from an American artist – a relationship the label has been working hard to establish.