Photo:  Juliette Bral

Minru -climb (DC#2)

New folk with a blend of dreamy indie, Minru is the musical character of Swedish-born and Berlin-based musician and singer-songwriter Caroline Blomqvist. Finding her inspiration in various elements, such as Haiku poetry, fantastical tivoli sounds and John Bauer’s folklore illustrations, Minru’s haunting melodies and atmospheric guitars speak of Scandinavian wilderness and longing, melancholic nostalgia.

Emerging out of Berlin’s independent creative scene, she debuted in 2017 with the self- released EP Hunter & Prey. In the past years, Minru has been playing concerts and festivals across Germany, Scandinavia and in Mexico. In 2018, focus was laid on recording new music and the result is a 5-track EP named Yearnings, set for release in March 2019.

The first single from that new EP is ‘Climb’, to be released on Diamond Club Sweden on February 8. The song was written and produced by Minru, aka Caroline Blomqvist, and mixed by acclaimed German producer Simon Frontzek (Tomte, Sir Simon, Torpus & The Art Directors). ”

Blomqvist says: “’Climb’ is about the aching, abstract longing for change that is running within every one of us, but also about the natural cycle of all things. When I wrote this song I was really interested in different theories of cycles, like the ‘cycles of seven’. It says that in seven years every cell in your body is renewed, which means every seven years you have turned into a new person. The song is a reminder to myself that as much as life is a current, it is also a constant cycle of growth and decay. All moments are formed anew, and at the same time they happen only once, which is a very sad and very beautiful thing”.

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