wyll - Better (DC#04)

For Malin Willén, songwriting isn’t just a hobby, but instead a place where she’s spent much of her life. From Västerås in central Sweden, her (very) early attempts at the craft may have stalled (“I did try to write a song for my best friend when I was a kid (maybe 8 or 9) but we really didn’t know how to do it so that didn’t happen”), but after learning how to play guitar, songwriting took up most of her teens. “It was really the only thing I did when I was a teenager”, she says. “I could often write a song in one day and then play it live a week later. I didn’t have as much self-awareness at that time, but I’m quite happy about doing those songs today”.

Now operating under the artist name WYLL, she specialises in big, bright pop songs with an emotional edge, and her new single ‘Better’ is a fine example of her work. Staring off slowly, WYLL delicately draws the listener into the song’s world, her voice airing out over bubbling synths, before ‘Better’ takes a flying leap into its firework of a chorus. For a young artist, the scale of the song is impressive – any early lack of self-confidence is long gone, and now she’s totally unafraid to write pop music blown up to epic, cinematic size.

Malin says: “I think I gathered all of the anger that I have felt for everyone in my life in this song. It’s my first song that I have ever written that has this kind of anger in it. ‘Better’ is about a friendship that has gone wrong, when you’ve been left behind. The song is the breaking point when you realize that you don’t need this in your life and you’re so much better without this. But it’s still about this friendship so there’s still some parts where you can recognize the grief and jealousy, because well, it’s always sad when a relationship comes and end”.