Signe - Your Game (DC#1)

Signe’s voice preceded her own entry into the musical world. A trained jazz vocalist, she’s been pulled in by the likes Jonathan Johansson and Duvchi to add a little vocal sparkle to their compositions. With her debut single ‘Over’, and now its follow-up ‘Your Game’, she’s ready to turn to spotlight onto herself as an artist.

Music has always been at the centre of Signe Bådagård’s life: “I grew up in a musical home. My dad is a professional bass player and my two older sisters are singers too. It’s just always been around. I’ve been performing in different ways in front of audiences since I was just a little kid. I would sing in different contexts together with my family or at school, and also I played the classical violin.”

‘Your Game’ is a pop song on a grand scale, a sweeping epic piece of music. It starts slowly, Signe taking her time in building the song and drawing an atmosphere around herself, before the emotional range and intensity soars into a dramatic, raw chorus. Bådagård says: “'Your Game’ is about a rush. Whether it’s a rush from a drug or love, or even sex, I think most people can relate to the feeling of losing control in the company of someone that you don’t really know. Like you’re going through this thing together but you have no idea if that other person feels the things you are feeling. And when you come back from the experience it’s like you have a weirdly strong bond, a connection with that person. Even if that connection is totally fake and could (and probably will) be for just for one night only”.

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